TICA International Awards Banquet 2014

Carlton receiving his Supreme Grand Champion

Photo Helmi 

RW, SGC Cherishables It's A Love Thing
TICA's 2014-2015 BEST Himalayan Kitten of the Year
TICA's 2015-2016 BEST Himalayan Cat of the Year

IW, SGC Lil Luv Lyns MVP of Cherishables
TICA'S 2013-2014 BEST Himalayan Kitten & Cat of the Year

Welcome to Cherishabuls Himalayans! 

We are a small CFA/TICA registered cattery located in NW suburban Chicago, Illinois raising the most popular and beloved Persian and Himalayan cats! The Himalayan is a Persian cat and are shown in CFA as a color division of the Persian. The beautiful blue eyed Himalayan is also known as the "Pointed Persian" referring to the blue eyes and point color on the ears, feet and tail of the cat! We produce Himalayans in most colors including our lovely lynx points, with the exception of chocolate and lilacs.

While the majority of our program is focused on the Himalayan, we also produce the lovely Blue Eyed White Persians so from time to time you will see BEW Persian kittens. The Persian helps to add type to the Himalayan! We show in CFA and TICA in and around the midwest. We are members of the Atlantic Himalayan Club.

Our breeding cats have been carefully selected for health, temperament and that sweet open expression with large round eyes.

We work with NW and RW lines. Cherishabul's breeding cats have various beautiful bloodlines behind them: Cobhill, Larix, Lil Luv Lyns, Grovewood, Jaemak, Rainbow Point, Sandypaws, and Sulltans to name a few. 

Cherish - - to treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear. This could not be more true - - we at Cherishabuls love and cherish our wonderful kitties from the moment they are born. They are our pets first and foremost, our friends and beloved companions. They love us and allow us to love them. Those who meet the standard will be exhibited in the show ring. This is a hobby we love and exhibiting our cats helps us to know that we are continuing in the right direction in improving this wonderful breed. My first pet Himalayan was a flame point named Cherish and when the cattery was established Cherishabuls was a perfect fit! Enjoy your visit to our home here on the web!

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